Welcome to the foundation for new homeownership. Here, you’ll find a guide
to make the most out of your new homebuying experience.

Welcome to the foundation for new homeownership. Here, you’ll find a guide
to make the most out of your new homebuying experience.


Congratulations! You have researched and found your new Bates Home. Now, you can complete a prequalification application with one of our Preferred Lenders online. Once completed, approved, and received by your sales consultant, you can secure your position on the priority list or reserve your home with an earnest money deposit (based on availability per community). At reservation, your sales consultant will prepare the formal purchase agreement.

Once you complete the formal purchase agreement, you will proceed with a Preferred Lender or lender of your choice to apply for your loan.




Now the fun part of buying a new home begins – designing it. You will meet with an options coordinator to help select the finishes for your new home, including countertops, flooring, lighting, and more.

During the construction process, you will be invited to review the progress of your home. All walks will be scheduled through your sales consultant and are by appointment only.
  • Frame Walk: Our construction associates will request you to attend a Frame Walk when electrical and plumbing have been installed.

  • Final Walk: Conducted by our Customer Care Representative, they will show you all the features of your new home and explain the functions and maintenance.

  • Other walks may be scheduled, if deemed necessary, and you are always welcome to schedule an appointment with your sales consultant to walk your new home.

When the final documents are ready, you will be contacted by our Escrow Coordinator to schedule a signing appointment.

At this time, your lender will confirm final loan approval and fund your loan.

After funding, the title company will confirm recording of the deed in your name and your sales consultant will present you the keys. Congratulations and welcome to the Bates Homes family.


As a Bates Homes homeowner, you will have access to our customer care support via the Owners Center of our website.

We also provide a Warranty Booklet with excellent information on the features of your home and tips on maintaining it for years to come.


Prices, plans and terms are subject to change without prior notice. Square footage is approximate and will vary from final construction. Any floorplans, elevations and photos are artist conceptions only and are not intended to show specific detailing that may or may not be available. © 2019 Bates Homes All Rights Reserved.